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When getting ready to submit your work for printing & Binding, please be aware of the following points


  • Although similar, the title page is different to the cover
  • The student number is not usually required for the cover
  • The cover colour is usually specified by the tutor
  • The colour of the text on the cover is usually gold but can be other
  • The font style cannot be altered.


  • Left hand margin should be 40mm
  • Right Hand Margin should be 25mm
  • Top Margin should be 25mm
  • Bottom Margin should be 25mm


  • Generally specified as 90gsm to 120gsm
  • Paper is bright white
  • Alternative paper colour can be requested but ensure your college or University accepts the alternative.

Important Information

We make every effort to ensure that we have provided as much information as possible to help you with your print and binding services. This site is intended to be a simple but effective means to complete your work to enable you to hand it in to your college. If you wish to make any suggestions on how we can assist your fellow students even more, then please use the contact form to pass on your comments.