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We aim to provide a simple and streamlined service designed to take the hassle out of the final stage of this long road. Here we discuss what you need to do and where we can help.

When you are coming towards the end of your project there are a few issues to consider.

  • Make sure to keep a copy of your work. Do not rely on your USB Memory Stick !
  • Choose a friend or a family member to "proof read" your work.

Most examiners will expect you to adhere to certain rules when printing and binding your work. Presentation is often taken into consideration when you present your project to your College or University.

  • Do not use standard photocopying paper.
  • Use a minimum of 90gm or 100gm when printing through a Laser Printer.
  • Use special Ink-Jet paper when printing from a home inkjet printer.
  • Maintain specified font sizes throughout your project,

Whether you choose to print the project yourself or decide to have us print it for you, please take notice of certain aspects of your project.


  • Left Margin should be a minimum of 40mm
  • Top Margin should be a minimum of 25mm
  • Right Margin should be a minimum of 25mm
  • Bottom Margin should be a minimum of 25mm

 Pay particular attention to the following:

  • Headers & Footers should also be within margin limits as mentioned above
  • If you want your document to include colour, the printer will assume it is all in colour

Text for the cover is not like typing into a computer. The size of the text is standard and cannot be altered. Too much text will look unsightly. This is equally true when you request all text in capitals. Please also note the following:

  • The text for the cover is similar but is not the same as your "Title Page"
  • The spine can only take a specific amount of text, so some abbreviations may occur.
  • Please check the text submitted as mistakes may not be noticed by our staff.

Important Information

We make every effort to ensure that we have provided as much information as possible to help you with your print and binding services. This site is intended to be a simple but effective means to complete your work to enable you to hand it in to your college. If you wish to make any suggestions on how we can assist your fellow students even more, then please use the contact form to pass on your comments.