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Here we have a selection of Frequently asked questions to help you on your way

Do you offer Student Discounts ?

Yes we do. All our pricing is specifically discounted for students. When you combine our print service along with our binding services, you save even more. Many prices are over 50% cheaper than standard commercial rates.


What type of Bindings can you do ?

We provide a complete binding service. This includes the following types:

  • Hard-Back Casement Bindings
  • Soft Bindings
  • Heat Binding
  • Premium Bindings
  • Thermal Bindings
  • Comb Bindings
  • Wiro Bindings
  • Perfect Bindings
  • Staple Bindings 

Can you print the document for me ?

Absolutely. We provide a full printing service using high-tech equipment. We use higher grade paper as specified by your College and University. We can print your document in full colour or monochrome.


Can I Print the document myself ?

Yes you can but please make sure to follow the specifications dictated by your college or University.


When should I order my hard-back binding ?

As soon as you can. We recommend that you order the cover days in advance. That way we are ready for you when you bring the document to us for binding.


Can I choose the colour of the cover ?

Yes but usually this is decided by your Tutor or the College or University. The most common colours are, Black, Blue, Wine and Green.


How long does it take to bind ?

Many of our options can be done on the same day but we would strongly suggest to contact us in advance to make sure we can help you with your deadline.


How many pages can be bound ?

Different binding types have different limitations. For Hard-Back casements we would recommend a limit of 450 pages and this will depend on the type of paper used.


Do you know what cover colour my college require ?

We have helped students from every College and University in the country and would be familiar with their requirements. Many have set layouts and colour requirements but we would strongly recommend that you speak to your tutor to find out what they require.


Important Information

We make every effort to ensure that we have provided as much information as possible to help you with your print and binding services. This site is intended to be a simple but effective means to complete your work to enable you to hand it in to your college. If you wish to make any suggestions on how we can assist your fellow students even more, then please use the contact form to pass on your comments.